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Monday, 23 July 2012 21:34

Dr. Filiz Cicek

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Dr. Filiz Cicek is an artist-curator who for the past decade has collaborating with transnational-nomadic artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Also an academic scholar and a journalist, Cicek cultivates an ongoing theoretical understanding of wide array of subjects including: film, history, art, gender and language. Cicek's art works have been exhibited in major galleries and museums in New York, California, Chicago, as well as in Indiana -The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University houses a few of her pieces in its permanent collection.

Cicek received her PHD from Indiana University; her area of research being German-Turkish Migrant Cinema. As a scholar, Cicek has been teaching visual arts, gender theory, cinema, transnational cinema, and related courses at universities in the U.S.A for the past 15 years. She serves as a contributing editor to The Ryder Magazine, which futures stories about art, culture, music and independent cinema. Cicek also co-produced Eco-Report for WFHB, a volunteer powered community radio, and continues to contribute to the news program as a corespondent.

Native of Turkey, Cicek first studied Sculpture and Cinema TV at Marmara University in Istanbul, later, she received her MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington.  Having studied feminist art with Judy Chicago and Peggy Zeglin Brand, Cicek began to serve as the regional coordinator for The Feminist Art Project based in New York. Working together with the Middle Way House, a local women's shelter, from 2006-2011, Cicek has directed the Women Exposed Art Exhibit, which provides times an space for local and transnational women arts, while raising awareness about domestic violence and funds for its victim.

In curating local and international exhibits, Cicek strives to create aesthetic outlets for artists and viewers alike where connecting to ones primordial selves is possible through our collective humanity. In May 2010, Cicek met His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Temple (TMBCC), which prompted her to organize and curate The Bloomington-Katmandu International Art Exhibit. For this particular exhibit, After due research and contemplation, Cicek decided to explore the concept of "home" in the 21st century, inviting artists from 16 different countries to create original works of art that expressed their sense of “home.”  The show in Bloomington took place between at TMBCC on May 28-June 21th 2011.


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