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Chelsea M. Parkkila

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Chelsea M. Parkkila has lived and written poetry in Bloomington for two years. With the steadfast counsel and support of the flowers that grow here, she has been able to organize the weekly Poetry Revival and generally enjoy. She hopes it may continue.

D. Ethan Sallee is a native Bloomington poet. He frequents many of the places that people go and does many of the things that peoples do. On occasion he has been known to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. He has challenged the grim spectre of Death to a cup of tea -- and won. If, on a full moon, you stare into a cracked mirror, burning three black candles and two sticks of incense, and spin in continuous half circles to left while chanting "Klatu Verata Nictos"; you can still hear him screaming.

Travis Puntarelli is a mystery. Is savage like a feather is savage. His heart, when weighed against a feather, gives the feather anxiety about its weight.

Chelsea Parkkila- Artwork Statement:

A long poem for three voices, "h(om)e" explores the human quest for actualization and wholeness in the face of fracture, displacement and transience. Three travelers embodying the elements of consciousness, spirit and flesh meet under the Bo tree to weave a unifying tapestry of paradox, poetry and performance.

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