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Barb Bonchek

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Self-taught, Barb Bonchek draws her Dizzy Art completely free hand, without straight edges, computers or other tools, tapping in to her imagination obsessively layering multiple images within the same work. Her black-and-white Geo Motion art vibrates with movement and depth, resonating with Bonchek's Intense emotional connection with nature, as well as her unique artistic vision.

Bonchek is an Indiana native who has always loved the outdoors. She does her work in the rugged green forested hills outside of Bloomington, Indiana, where she and her husband Roc live in an 1840s log cabin, surrounded by their many dogs, cats and horses. Bonchek's complex designs spring from her deep meditations on nature, rendered with a surreal spin that is reminiscent of the unsettling work of Magritte, Escher and Salvador Dali.

Like her work, Bonchek is multi-faceted and unconventional. In the early 1970's, she and her husband founded the Harmony School, an independent school that has blossomed into an internationally respected institution where they both still work. Her lifelong love of horses has led to her passion for riding horses and to her volunteer work as a certified therapeutic riding instructor. She collaborates with her daughter Fern, who directs People & Animal Learning Services (PALS), a therapeutic horseback riding program for people with disabilities. A veteran of the '60s, Bonchek retains her love of rock, country and trance music, the influence of which can be seen in her work.

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